Who we are

Our orginization

Our organization acts as an informational source concerning motorcyclist's rights, issues and voter awareness.

Acts as a central responsive agency to devise and coordinate activities designed to protect your individual rights

Initiates and sponsors educational programs for motorcycle safety and public awareness.

Creates and promotes a positive image of motorcycles and motorcycling groups

Encourages goodwill among motorcyclists, law enforcement and the general public

Benefits the less fortunate in our society through charitable activities

ABATE of WV is a state wide organization  of local regions formed by motorcyclists just like you, pooling resources for the benefits of it's members and promoting political awareness

ABATE of WV monitors legislation at the Senate and House levels in Charleston and works with the state lawmakers on your behalf

ABATE of WV keeps it's members informed of legislation that directly affects motorcyclists within our state

ABATE members have organized and participated in events that have raised thousands of dollars and collected much needed clothes, food, toys and other items for charitable causes.


Who is ABATE?

Ultimately, it's all about being on the open rode with the freedom of choice

ABATE is a freedom of choice organization made up of motorcyclists and those interested in motorcycle legislation and education.

ABATE is dedicated to the premise that the individual is best suited to decide the type of motorcycle to ride, type of gear worn and personal lifestyle.

Our primary objective is to monitor motorcycle related legislation and encourage all members to become politically involved to effect positive legislation and deter that of a negative nature.

ABATE is any individual 18 years or older and junior members under 18 years old, regardless of race, creed or sex.

Persons who own all brands of motorcycles and those who don't even own a motorcycle

ABATE is NOT a club.

ABATE is an organization designed for all riders. You pay a yearly membership fee. There is no mandatory obligation. ABATE provides the means for independent riders to come together for a common cause. To exchange ideas and have fun with other motorcyclists. Region and chapter members provide support needed to meet organizational goals and responsibilities..